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What is an Infrared Thermometer?

Infrared Thermometers have become quite essential, and from the industry use, the attention has shifted on the personal use. Usually people use thermometers in order to measure heat, but now they may purchase IR thermometers (also known as pyrometers), being able to measure much higher temperatures.

A pyrometer is a device used to measure very high temperatures, like the ones from a kilt or a furnace. In such cases usual thermometers aren’t efficient. The difference between a pyrometer and a thermometer is that temperatures measured by a pyrometer are much higher and efficient than the ones measured by a usual thermometer. A pyrometer uses the heat that radiates from an object and it measures the temperature without touching it, so it can be used in many different situations.

Usually it’s used by smelter industries, in the fabrication of steam boilers and hot air balloons, and it may be very useful for turbo-charged diesel engines. These applications are very complex and need a precise measurement tool and infrared thermometers offer a great precision. However, even air conditioner repairmen use them when necessary. Usually they use the IR thermometers. They also may be used in order to identify a situation that needs further analysis, such as the measurement of the hot air coming out during a ramp check. The area of use is growing, and more industries are going to need such pyrometers. Now they are available in a certain number of models.

Infrared pyrometers allow the measurement of temperature in such applications where one cannot use conventional sensors. There are many places where one could use an infrared thermometer, such as moving machinery for instance.

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