TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer Review

tempir 300x265 TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer ReviewWhen a loved one is sick the last thing needed is an inaccurate temperature reading and the poking or prodding of a thermometer. Since a temperature can indicate toughing it out for the day, staying in bed or traveling to the emergency room, it is essential to have a precise reading from a trusted product. The TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer TempIR Body Temperature Thermometer Review is an infrared thermometer that gives quality, no touch readings. No one has time to wait for the delayed reading that other thermometers offer, and this thermometer gives an instant reading. Read More →

Extech IR400 Mini Thermometer Review

ExIR400 145x300 Extech IR400 Mini Thermometer ReviewThe Extech IR400 is a miniature infrared thermometer Extech IR400 Mini Thermometer Review made by Extech Instruments with a laser pointer built-in. Extech Instruments is an American-based company that has been delivering valuable products for over 40 years, with distribution globally. This company also manufactures other measurement equipment, such as electrical testers, environmental meters, and clamp meters, as well as portable printers and thermal cameras. Although this thermometer is compact, it does not fall short in regards to quality and accuracy. This product has been rated positively through trusted vendors, including Amazon. It is a great addition for consumers who want the precision of a top shelf thermometer, but do not want the bulk of a standard thermometer. Read More →

Best Compact Thermal Imaging Camera: Flir E4

FlirE4 131x300 Best Compact Thermal Imaging Camera: Flir E4 The FLIR E4 is part of the Ex-series of thermal imaging cameras Best Compact Thermal Imaging Camera: Flir E4 made by the company, FLIR. The FLIR E4 is designed to handle much more than energy analysis and diagnoses—it is meant to be easy to use and carry. Though the E4 has received favorable reviews, a thorough analysis of the product requires a look at its features, specifications, and its software. Read More →

Fluke 568 Infrared Thermometer Review

568 300x236 Fluke 568 Infrared Thermometer ReviewFluke, a company that’s well-known for making sophisticated, professional tools and instruments, specializes in products such as battery analyzers, digital multi-meters, infrared cameras, insulation testers, and infrared thermometers. Among their selection of IR thermometers is the Fluke 568 model, which has received favorable reviews through retailers such as Amazon and Newark.com. Apart from covering all the basic functions of an IR thermometer, the Fluke 568 offers other features and conveniences that many common IR thermometers do not. Read More →

Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer Review

IR730 185x300 Amprobe IR 730 Infrared Thermometer ReviewThe company, Amprobe, specializes in making a series of diagnostic tools from clamp meters to wire tracers. Among their line of products is the Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer.  The Amprobe IR-730 is a non-contact thermometer that is made to suit all kinds of jobs, and especially those that require accurate and fast temperature readings. Although the Amprobe IR-730 Amprobe IR 730 Infrared Thermometer Review has received favorable reviews through online vendors such as Amazon and Sears, a more thorough review of this product will require a look at its features, product specifications, and how this particular thermometer compares to other, competing brands. Read More →

Klein Tools IR 2000 Review

Klein2000 183x300 Klein Tools IR 2000 ReviewThe Klein IR 2000 is an infrared thermometer made and sold by the company, Klein Tools. Since its founding in 1857, Klein Tools has been a family-owned company that sells products internationally and within the U.S. In addition to the IR 2000, the company sells products such as voice, data, and video testers, multimeters, and clamp meters to name only a few. The Klein IR 2000 happens to be one of the company’s best-selling thermometers, with high customer reviews from retailers such as The Home Depot, and Amazon. Read More →

Best Forehead Thermometer

braunforehead 240x300 Best Forehead ThermometerThe Braun ForeHead Thermometer is a digital, contact thermometer sold by the company, Braun. Braun is a company that specializes in making and selling professional-grade thermometers for household use. Many of their products, including the forehead thermometer, have received overall positive reviews through online retailers such as Amazon Best Forehead Thermometer. In addition to the forehead thermometer, Braun makes a series of ear thermometers for infants through adults, and while the forehead thermometer seems to offer all the necessary features and performance that one would expect in a household thermometer, it is important to examine its features and benefits before assessing the thermometer’s overall quality. Read More →